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Soap Nuts Tryal set include 100g of Soap Nuts and a small bag.

They can be used about 40loads of washing.


Alternative to Washing detergent 

What are soap nuts?

They are the seeds of Sapindaceae trees which contain an all-natural cleaning component saponin. The soap nuts may also be called mukorossi . They were used in India, China and Japan for washing clothes and dishes as well as cleaning and shampoo, making it an all-purpose ecofriendly detergent. Not only do they clean, but also soften fabric, getting rid of the need for fabric softener. In addition, we recommend soap nuts for people with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema and atopic symptoms for its all natural components. They can be reused many times and returned to the earth once finished.


Why soap nuts?

As normal washing detergent uses chemicals to soften clothes, the more they are used, the more damaged the clothes become. However, with soap nuts, the saponin brings out the softness from the item itself, creating a natural fluffy feel. Also as there are no foams produced by soap nuts, the rinsing process takes up less time and therefore less water. When the washing is finished just hang up the soap nuts to dry in its bag, ready to reuse again.






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