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This soap looks yummy like a real orange with Australian orange essential oil and carrot juice!

Orange essential oil is the one of the best-smelling, naturally antibacterial options for cleaning and especially effective to remove stains. Carrot juice and Annatto seed oil to protect your hands while washing your laundry. No palm oil used. Added Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, castor oil for a rich creamy lather to moisturize&nourish skin.


 This vitamins A, E, F and K rich soap can be used for every day face / body / hair washing soap too.


キャロットジュースとアナトーシードオイルのオレンジ色とオーストラリ ア産オレンジ精油の香りで本物のみかんのような元気なオレンジ色の石 鹸。

溶け崩れも少なく泡立ちも良いので、シャツの襟の汚れも驚くほど綺 麗になります。洗濯洗剤や手洗い用の石鹸としてはもちろん、顔や体、そ して髪も洗っていただける石鹸です。

パームオイルを使わずに、保湿成分シアバターを配合。使い心地は滑らか でやさしく、お肌にもとてもやさしい成分のみでできています。 


Emi's Soap

  • Olive oil / Coconut Oil / Sweet Almond Oil / Castor Oil / Shea Butter / Australian Orange Essential oil / Clary sage Essential Oil / Ylang Ylang Essential Oil / Carrot Juice / Water / Annatto Seed Oil / Caustic Soda

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